Saturday, July 30, 2016

Catching Up By Consolidating: Winter 2015-2016

Winter!  I don't dread winter at all, now that we live in a place where the climate is much milder.  We can play and enjoy ourselves all season long, indoors and out!


Elise had a speaking part in her class's school musical, participated in district chorus and started playing guitar.
Fifth grade musical, Elise is on the left with the microphone.
Singing in the choir, center back.
District Chorus

She loves playing the guitar!
December Fun
Star Wars & Christmas

Going to see the new Star Wars movie, we loved it!

Christmas Cookies
Christmas cookies!
Baked and ready to decorate!
We had some friends over for a cookie decorating party
Hmmm, is there enough icing on that cookie?
The best way to take care of those sprinkles
that fall off the cookies.
This crew did a good job!

Breakfast With Santa
Each year, a local restaurant named Eileen's does a Breakfast With Santa.  This year we had the oldest kids there, so we may have aged out of this tradition.

Christmas:  The Main Event
Christmas was a wonderful family time at home, one of my favorite times of the year.

Grandpa, trying out his headlamp.
Showing off some bracelets.
Conspiring about something

Trying out the Christmas presents

Relaxing and playing with some Christmas presents.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Catching Up by Consolidating: Fall 2015

In the months leading up to the wedding last October, we were so busy, that once the wedding was over we just crashed and did as little as possible for a while.  Which, when we are two working parents and two children is still really busy.  Anyway, as you can see I haven't put anything on this blog since the wedding and now, months later, I am trying to get caught up.  I knew I would never get caught up if I did a post for each event, so I'm crunching them together into seasonal posts.  Here is fall, 2015.

Anja's Birthday
A ninja theme, with special ninja names on their headbands and a ninja training course outside (thank goodness for nice weather!)

Fall Visit to the Farm
There are a few farms to visit in our area that host special activities in the fall and Snead's Farm is one of our favorites.  They have animals, rope swings in the barn, a creek to mud around in and lots of places to explore.

Pumpkin carving, costumes and trick-or-treating!

Ready to carve!

Based on Anja's reaction to pumpkin carving, we think brain surgeon
is probably not in her future.

Scout got a little curious :)
Some of the library crew dressed
up for Halloween.
Super Librarian!
Ready for trick-or-treating!
The trick-or-treating crew was made up of friends and neighbors.
This is not the whole group, we had quite a few more join us.

We got invited to an event sponsored by the Friend's of the Rappahannock, an organization we support.  It was in a part of Virginia we'd never been to, near the Chesapeake Bay, and we got to experience fresh oysters and some beautiful scenery.

Jason tried the raw oysters, I did not.
I stuck with the cooked ones (with cheese
and bacon, yum!)

Thanksgiving Feast at School
Each year the elementary school invites family members of Kindergarten through 2nd graders in for a Thanksgiving feast during lunch, and we have been fortunate enough to go each year.  This one was our last, as Anja will be in 3rd grade next year.
Me and Anja with her best friend and his mom.
With Grandma and Grandpa

Thanksgiving Feast at Home

The girls found the dried wishbone from last year and gave it a try.

That wraps up the summary of our fall!  I promise it won't take me as long to get up a post from the winter.